Radio systems / INSTAT 868

The INSTAT 868 radio control unit family offers the optimum radio transmitter and radio receiver for every application. For one heating zone, the INSTAT 868-r1 radio transmitter with analogue temperature setting or the INSTAT+ 868-r digital clock thermostat are used, both of which can be combined with an INSTAT 868-a1/ a1Up 1-channel receiver. For several heating circuits, 4-, 6- or 8-channel receivers INSTAT 868-a4/a6/a8 are used, which can be extended or combined with each other as desired. For mobile electric heaters, such as wall heaters or towel dryers, the INSTAT 868-a1S socket receiver is the optimal solution. This device is supplied as a set, together with a radio transmitter. The advantage of this variant is that both devices are already matched to each other at the factory and are immediately ready for operation.

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