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We know the right amount of tradition and innovation is crucial in order to to hold one's own in the market. For almost 90 years, we at Eberle have been pursuing this principle successfully.

90 years of expertise in temperature regulation

EBERLE stands for over 90 years of expertise in temperature regulation, air conditioning and control for private households as well as public and commercial buildings. In our approx range of 560 products, we combine tradition and innovation in the best possible way. With years of experience and the claim to offer our customers optimal heating and air conditioning solutions that meet their needs, we keep creating product highlights like UTE, with which we fight for a more sustainable future - for our customers and their customers.


Dr. Phil Otto Eberle found the company as the first specialist company for industrial relays in Europe


Son Martin Eberle joins the company and establishes a second business division: room temperature controllers


Otto Eberle passes away. His son takes over the business and leads the company into a new era, using electronics as a new and additional technical basis for the products.


By now, about 800 people work for EBERLE and manufacture relays and controllers of the best quality in two factories. The turnover in this year is 55.5 million DM.


In the past five years, the company developed further innovative products and gained its position as the leading manufacturer for electric heaters.


Despite the most successful business year since the company was founded, Martin Eberle decides to sell to the British Siebe Group (later Invensys). 


After more than 20 years, Invensys is bought by Schneider Electric and the EBERLE brand is put back on its own feet.


Today, EBERLE is an independend strong partner of the skilled trades. Approximately, 150 employees work every day on the development and production of intelligent solutions for saving energy and increasing comfort in building technology.

We are proud of this

From Nuremberg

From Nuremberg

From Nuremberg to you - in production, 100% final inspection ensures that each of our products leaves our company in perfect condition.

Environmentally friendly company

Environmentally friendly company

At EBERLE, the idea of sustainability goes far beyond our own products.
For example, we attach great importance to waste avoidance or the constant optimisation of our energy and water cycle.



In the past, our products have been proven to be award winning in the industry and have been renowned. You can be sure that we will continue to strive for this in the future!




We motivate our employees every day anew to implement the wishes of our customers in a professional and committed manner. They are the engine of our and ultimately your success and we are proud of that.

Our Innovations



First radio system on the market



First programmable flush-mounted thermostat with display


Design controller RTR 9000


TS Ultra

Actuator with manual function and fully automated production line


RTR Slimline

With extremely low installation height of 18.5 mm


UTE Universal

Thermostat inserts as bi-metal solution or electronic variant


UTE Advanced

Electronic and multiple parameterisable / 8-channel terminal strip

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